PSD files are the native file format of Adobe Photoshop application. This application is used for editing photos to make it more attractive than before. It lets user to change the image by letting them add different effects, colour, background and so on. Such PSD files can be undergo file damage when used on your system.

Let us consider one of such scenario. On a fine day you were assigned a task of creating the poster for a big event in your office. With lot of effects, you created an amazing poster and showed it to your team head. Your team head liked is very much and appreciated for your work and you started giving the final touch for your photos suddenly the power turned off causing an abnormal termination. When the power was retained you found that the image that you add created is showing an inaccessibility error. This indicates that the PSD file is underwent damage and hence one can access it anymore. Are you in such a state? Then you are in a right place. This page provides you Fix Broken PSD File software that gives you the answer for how to repair broken PSD query. Refer to extract info on how to fix Photoshop elements

PSD files on computers can be damaged due to many circumstances apart from abnormal termination. One among them is use of third party applications. People make use of unreliable third party applications to open PSD file and end up in damaging it. In such a state make use of Fix Broken PSD File in order to repair PSD file

There might be circumstances where you may need to transfer the PSD file from one system to other. When transferring a PSD file of large size, if there is any interruption between the file transfer the PSD file may get corrupted causing loss the image

In some cases users try to convert the PSD file type to some other format, to make it convenient for them. However, due to insufficient knowledge one might end up in corrupting the PSD file. During such times, take aid of Fix Broken PSD File to repair corrupted PSD files

Repair broken PSD is productive software that is designed with advanced algorithms to find the root cause of the damage and fix them effectively. This application is supported to be used on all latest versions of Windows and Mac. It is read only software hence the original file is left intact and a new fixed file is created. You can make use of this tool to fix corruptions on any layers of your PSD file without any problems. This software enables you to fix Adobe Photoshop CS6, CS5, CS3 and many other versions

Besides repairing a broken PSD file, it also lets you to fix PDD file formats. Repair broken PSD also enables you to fix RLE compressed PSD and PDD files.  You can take advantage of this software to repair PSD with depths like 1, 8, 16 and 32 bits per channel. Download the demo version and check for its amazing results before going for the full version

Steps explaining how to repair broken PSD file

Step 1: First download the software to know how to repair broken PSD file. Execute it and select the broken PSD file using Browse option

How to Repair Broken PSD- Main Screen

Fig 1: Main Page

Step 2: Wait for a while it a scan completes. Now the file is fixed and a preview option will be provided for viewing the fixed PSD file

How to Repair Broken PSD- Preview File Screen

Fig 2: Fixed PSD File

Step 3: Now save the repaired PSD file after purchasing the licence key

How to Repair Broken PSD - Saving PSD file

Fig 3: Save Repaired PSD File